AAS Awarded New Gatty Aquaria Contract

Advanced Airflow Solutions has been awarded the contract to supply grilles & diffusers to the New Gatty Marina project at St Andrew's University, Scotland.

The new £10m marine laboratory will cater for extensive environmental monitoring and control of temperature, lighting, pH, oxygen, salinity, ammonia and nitrates. Specialist rooms with climate control will allow electronic and optical equipment to co-exist with culture facilities supplied with running seawater, allowing sophisticated long-term experiments on adaptation of organisms to climate change.

The building will also incorporate a Public Outreach Centre, taking advantage of its location on the Fife Coastal Path, allowing St Andrews to play a lead role in furthering public interest in and understanding of the oceans and the unique ecosystem of the North Sea.

AAS Awarded Dublin Control Tower Project

Advanced Airflow Solutions have been awarded the contract to supply Smartemp PMW sidewall diffusers & ISF floor diffusers to the new 86.9m air traffic control tower at Dublin Airport. The tower, which is required to facilitate parallel runway operations by 2021, will be one of the tallest structures in Ireland.
The new facility will be full equipped for single runway operation during the first half of 2020, and will be ready to facilitate parallel runway operations by 2021 when the Northern parallel runway is introduced at Dublin Airport.
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AAS Awarded 8 Finsbury Circus Contract

Advanced Airflow Solutions have been awarded the contract to supply grilles & diffusers to the prestigious 8 Finsbury Circus in London, a striking new building linking the calm elegance of Finsbury Circus to the vibrant streetscape of South Place, via a generous dual entrance to both streets.

The building will comprise of 160,000 sq ft of premium office space and 9,500 sq ft of retail.

AAS Awarded GEIC VAV Contract

Advanced Airflow Solutions have been awarded the contract to supply Klimaoprema RVP VAV regulators to the GEIC project in Manchester. The new £60m Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre (GEIC) at The University of Manchester will set the standard for world class graphene and 2-D materials application development.The GEIC aims to accelerate taking graphene products to the marketplace, as well as be a state of the art research and technology development facility.

Along with the £61m National Graphene Institute (NGI), which opened in 2015, and the £235m Sir Henry Royce Institute for Materials Research and Innovation, the GEIC will be crucial in maintaining the UK’s world leading position in graphene and other 2-D materials research.
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Smartemp CP-AD Displacement Outlets supplied to McLaren, Rotherham

Advanced Airflow Solutions have been awarded the contract to supply Smartemp Cylindrical Plug-Flow Diffusers, type CP-AD, to the new £50 million McLaren manufacturing facility in Sheffield. The low turbulence plug-flow air streams from these diffusers will provide enhanced indoor air quality to the factory floor of the McLaren Composites Technology Centre, where the ultra lightweight carbon fibre tubs for the monocage chassis of the entire McLaren luxury family of sportscars and supercars will be made. Diffuser discharge direction is adjusted by thermally powered actuators, to ensure draught-free cooling and effective heating year round.

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HT Group International Biosafety Conference 2018

After a hugely successful debut in 2017, German LabConCert in cooperation with TÜV and our partner HT Group are hosting a second International Biosafety Conference on the 10th & 11th December this year in Beilngries, Germany.

The bilingual seminar will feature experts from 6 different countries discussing experiences, problems and solutions in relation to Biosafety, thus providing the exchange of knowledge across professional and national borders.

The lectures give interesting insights into new technologies and procedures and will cover the following topics:

- Safety-relevant requirements for laboratories with BSL-3 and BSL-4 level

- Planning and technical building requirements / BIM: design - laboratory logistics - technology
- Ventilation / Filter Technology / Decontamination / Treatment / Disposal
- IT: Automation & Integration
- Guidelines / Certification & Validation

HT Group are offering an early bird discount of 15% to those registering before 15th of September.

You can download the event program by clicking here.

To register please follow this link.

AAS Awarded One Fen Court Contract

Advanced Airflow Solutions have been awarded the contract to supply Klimaoprema Slot Diffuser type SR and our own High Capacity Swirl Diffuser type RSW to the 1 Fen Court project in London.

1 Fen Court is a new 420,000 sq ft 15-storey office development in London EC3.The building is unique, with the roof gardens & restaurant on Levels 14-15, complimented by a number of retail units on Fenchurch Street & in the central covered plaza linking with Fenchurch Avenue.

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AAS Awarded Strand Palace Hotel Contract

Advanced Airflow Solutions have been awarded the contract to supply grilles & diffusers to the Strand Palace Hotel in London's West End.

The Strand is more than just a busy London thoroughfare. Running parallel the Thames and connecting Westminster to the City, it has been a focus for political and financial power for centuries. Somerset House, a few minutes’ walk from the hotel, is just one of the noblemen’s residences that once lined the street.

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Practical Tip #1 - Variable Volume Regulator Selection

For the majority of applications for air control in commercial buildings, it is recommended to select a regulator that handles a maximum volume equal to 6-8m/s velocity across the flow grid. The minimum controllable volume will be 1.5m/s and therefore a turndown to 20% will be achievable.

Some specifications call for a turndown to 10% of maximum; this would require that the maximum velocity is 13m/s, which would risk excessive regenerated noise.

Variable volume boxes having integral attenuators are designed with an internal geometry which reduces the velocity through the attenuator by a factor of circa 2.5 to 1.

When selecting stand alone regulators, either circular or rectangular, note that any adjoining attenuator will require a maximum velocity of 4m/s which means either limiting the maximum velocity through the regulator and thus limiting turndown to 2.5 to 1 or allow for a transition piece between regulator and attenuator.

Occupancy levels in modern buildings are increasingly variable, which has a significant impact on the prevailing internal load.

In addition to providing instantaneous local control, the VAV system, including air handling plant, chiller etc can be selected based on the number of occupants in the building at any particular time rather than on the sum of the individual zone maximums. This "maximum simultaneous load" approach can reduce plant sizes by up to 30%.

Advanced Airflow Solutions are UK distributors of Klimaoprema VAV & CAV regulators and have an extensive list of UK reference projects. Download the product brochure for Klimaoprema RVP and RVK regulators here.

Need assistance with selecting VAV units? Get in touch here.

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AAS Awarded Greenwich Peninsula Contract

Advanced Airflow Solutions have been awarded the contract to supply Klimaoprema PDI diffusers to the Greenwich Peninsula development.

The £8.4bn Greenwich Peninsula plans include the creation of 7 new individual neighbourhoods, two new schools for Peninsula residents, a 5km running track and various cycling routes, 15,720 new homes and up to 13,000 new job opportunities.

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