Introducing the Smartemp ISF-AD

As part of our new range of products from Smartemp, we would like to introduce the new floor outlet type ISF-AD.

This inductive floor twist outlet can handle up to 48 l/s with a plenum pressure of 20Pa, making it ideal for upflow systems serving offices, dealer rooms and call centres. By using these outlets the system is able to offset cooling loads of up to 200 w/m2 whilst maintaining low room velocities and uniform temperature profiles.

In terms of energy efficiency, the upload system stands alone in its supremacy due to;

a) High supply temperature, 18°C, therefor reduced chilled capacity.

b) Low system pressure, slow SFP's.

c) When combined with variable volume supply, reduced air handling plant size.

The ISF floor outlet itself has been designed to include the option of a rotary "offset" plume or uniform plume contained within the same diffuser top, thus increasing the abolity of the system to accommodate changing furniture layouts.

The ISF also has the option of a motorised damper, making it possible to isolate areas or rooms which become unoccupied.

The outlets are available in polycarbonate and aluminium. Download the product brochure here.

We at Advanced Airflow Solutions pride ourselves on our ability to provide first class system design guidance and product application and would be pleased to assist with your current and future air distribution projects.

AAS Awarded Atlantic House Contract

Advanced Airflow Solutions have been awarded the contract to supply Klimaoprema Slot Diffuser and Swirl Diffusers to the ten storey Atlantic House building in London which is home to international law firm Hogan Lovells.

Invisible Diffuser ID-Q Supplied to HT Group

Advanced Airflow Solutions have recently supplied the Invisible Diffuser, type ID-Q to HT Group in Heideck, Germany.

The renovation of their 640m² office space is due for completion in April 2018, with the cleanroom specialists looking for an innovative yet cost effective solution.

The origin of the development of the Invisible Diffuser from Advanced Airflow Solutions was to find a product for use in clean spaces which provided high induction supply whilst maintaining a ceiling surface that is free of smudging.

Conventional high induction outlets which rely on a twist or pulse discharge allow dust laden room air to come into contact with the surface of the ceiling before it is induced by the high velocity supply. This rapid change in direction spins the dust particles out of suspension and deposits them on the ceiling surface resulting in unsightly smudging and revealing the position of the diffusers.

Claus Schweinheim, managing director of HT Lab Tec GmbH said "With the installation of the Invisible Diffuser the idea of HT to combine of a state of the art design with modern ventilation technology has been achieved."

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AAS Awarded BBC Wales Contract

Advanced Airflow Solutions have been awarded the contract to supply Smartemp grilles & diffusers to the BBC Wales development in Cardiff.

The technical fit-out will begin in April 2018 and is expected to take around 18 months. BBC staff will begin the move to the new building in the autumn of 2019 and it will be fully operational in 2020.

Advanced Airflow Solutions have worked closely with our new supplier, Smartemp to develop highly technical solutions for the acoustically sensitive areas which has involved extensive testing in the Smartemp laboratory. The project features bespoke multi radial outlets, inductive sidewall (type PMW) and ceiling outlets (type HSC-FD) from the Smartemp range.

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Partnership with Smartemp

Advanced Airflow Solutions are pleased to announce our new partnership with Smartemp, manufacturers of high quality, highly innovative air distribution products.

The founders of Smartemp have been longstanding developers of bespoke and technically sensitive air distribution equipment. A summary of the Smartemp product range can be found here.

This exciting addition to our existing product portfolio means that we can now offer a full range of high quality, high induction and displacement outlets to cover commercial offices, auditoria, exhibition halls, sports halls, airports and factories.

Our partnership with Smartemp was given an early boost by securing the contract to supply adjustable thermostatic swirl diffusers to the prestigious V&A Museum in Dundee.

As always we are pleased to provide technical advice on system design and product application either directly or via our team of highly qualified sales agents.

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AAS Awarded Walsingham House Contract

Advanced Airflow Solutions have been awarded the contract to supply Klimaoprema Slot Diffuser to the Walsingham House development in London.

The £21million development will see a radical transformation and upgrade as contractors carefully demolish the interior structure of the building, whilst retaining the attractive Portland stone façade. New piled foundations will enable the construction of a steel frame structure, adding two additional floors to the existing eight-storey building and creating nearly 50 per cent more internal office space to provide a net internal area of 65,000 sq ft.

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Smartemp Adjustable Diffusers Supplied to V&A Museum Dundee

Advanced Airflow Solutions have supplied Smartemp HSC-AD thermostatic adjustable diffusers to the prestigious V&A Museum in Dundee. In a development worth over £80m, Scotland's first design museum is the centrepiece of Dundee's £1billion regeneration project which is forecast to attract hundreds of thousands of tourists and millions of pounds of investment to the city.

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AAS Awarded Old Street Phase 2 Contract

Advanced Airflow Solutions have been awarded the contract to supply slot diffuser to the Old Street Phase 2 project. The building – also known as the Tower – is part of the Bower development on the edge of the City. Old Street Phase 2 will bring more than 15,000 sq m of offices and 650 sq m of retail space to the tech business area known as Silicon Roundabout.

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AAS Awarded 55 Gresham Street Contract

Advanced Airflow Solutions have been awarded the contract to supply grilles & diffusers to the 55 Gresham Street project in London. Gresham Street offers 121,569 sq ft of new office space over 11 storeys. The building is surrounded by some of the Capital’s most celebrated amenities, from the rich selection of bars, restaurants and leisure facilities at Bank and St. Paul’s, to the eclectic offer of Smithfield Market.

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Partnership with HT Group

Advanced Airflow Solutions are pleased to announce our new partnership with HT Group Germany for the provision of high integrity filter housings and gas-tight dampers.

HT Group is a market leader in the health care sector, specialising in the design & build of critical room solutions for hospitals, research centres and laboratories.

Both the filter housings and gas-tight dampers have been specially developed for use in medical and biological containment facilities (e.g. GMP-laboratories, BSL-3/4 laboratories, isolation wards etc.) whereby operator protection from dangerous particulate material or pathogens is paramount. To download the product brochure for the BiBo-hightec filter housing click here.

Our new association with HT received the perfect start with the award of the order for gas-tight dampers for the LAR1 building at Edinburgh University.

We look forward to a long and successful association with HT and discussions on specific project requirements with our customers.

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